Being competent, results-driven, efficient - and creative. That is what particularly matters in the field of intellectual property when protecting trademarks, designs and patents as well as in competition law. And that is what our specialists at Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner stand for.

Your success is Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner's foremost goal. We secure and protect your intellectual property: Your ideas, your inventions, your trademarks and designs, your advertising, in short: Your performance in a competitive world:
We defend you against any challenges to your rights by your competitors. And we do this globally through our international network.

Our extensive experience and a high degree of specialization have earned us our long-established reputation as specialists in intellectual property. Our clients include businesses from all industry sectors and of all sizes, from start-up to international conglomerates.

We also support you when it comes to IP protection in the digital space. With the advent of the metaverse and the use of NFTs as digital assets, brand owners are faced with the challenge of protecting their brands within these new virtual environments. There is a need to track trademark infringement and take legal action when necessary to preserve the reputation and value of your brand. For some time now, creative works such as digital artwork, avatars or virtual environments in the metaverse can be traded as NFTs. We assist in answering the questions of how copyright law applies to such digital works, who owns the copyrights, and how they can be protected.

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