Start-up Desks

Passion and commitment, competence and experience, creativity and good ideas - these qualities are not only important for established players, but also and in particular for founders and start-ups. In particular, these clients can profit from the experience we have gained during our long-lasting advice of medium-sized companies and international corporate groups.

Start-up Advice

Thanks to our vast experience and our network of start-up coaches and tax advisors, we are able to contribute to the start-ups' and founders' success far beyond mere legal advice. We often act as a sparring partner when a concept is critically evaluated or potentials are discussed, too, and we do so without producing endless amounts of paper or incurring high costs to our clients. Furthermore, we are able to assist our clients in realizing their ideas worldwide through our international, well-established network with other law firms, which also have specialized start-up desks.  

The main focus of our activities in the field of start-ups is the establishment of companies, license agreements, IP rights, data protection, employment contracts, employee participation, distributions / agency setups including web shops, and the participation of investors (financing rounds), as well as exit scenarios. We often draft templates for the legal implementation of business models and our clients can often use these templates for and adopt these to many different situations.

Advice to established companies

In addition to our start-up support, we also offer advice to established companies who are planning a participation in a start-up. Our good relations to established companies on the one hand and to the start-up scene on the other hand enable us to act as “bridge builders”. For the benefit of both the established companies and the start-ups, we are also organizing pitches, where start-ups have the chance to introduce themselves to established companies who are interested in a cooperation or an investment.

About us

We are a mixed team of lawyers from all offices of our firm. Our focus is the biotechnology, healthcare/life sciences, software/big data, cleantech (renewable energy, electric mobility) and e-commerce sectors, but we also enjoy regularly advising innovative clients from other sectors. The aging structure of our team is also mixed: junior lawyers are just as passionate about their work as senior stagers with plenty of experience and useful contacts and who have already proven their skills in numerous negotiations.

Last but not least, no one has to fear our bills. We can offer flat fees for many issues , so that the costs for our clients do not escalate but are always transparent and well calculable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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