Drawn up in good times to help in bad times. That is the value of contracts. We have always considered the provision of advice on all matters of contract law to be of prime importance - in all areas.

We draft general terms and conditions of business and standard contracts at the highest level. It is not without reason that one of the standard works on contract law and general conditions bears the name "Graf von Westphalen". We are equally delighted to assist you whenever individual contracts are needed for more complex transactions: In connection with co-operations, sales and marketing, joint ventures, the finance sector, the transfer of technology. Nationally as well as internationally, always bearing in mind the industry customs and practices. And because we often advise our clients for many years we know what they want and what they expect of us: To think along with you - from business to business.

1:1. This is how we work together. You decide upon a competent partner; he/she will then remain your point of contact. > more