Internationally connected, experienced, quick and reliable – these qualities are not only relevant in the field of export control and customs. However, our clients’ focus on this field is continuously growing and so are our legal services.

Due to the international economic ties, an analysis of customs law and foreign trade law has become indispensable; and export control plays an important role in this respect: Companies must not only consider sanctions and embargos, sometimes with an intended worldwide enforceability, but must also review license requirements when exporting certain products. Whereas free trade is permissible to a great extent within the European Union, export control with respect to exports into non-EU member states have become an integral part of our clients’ operations. 

Our partner law firms abroad help us to ensure that e.g. the influence of US sanctions and embargos are considered in their export control. We assist our clients with inquiries to the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and with other customs related questions regarding import and export. We provide advice with regard to the export of dual-use goods, as well as with regard to the setting up of compliance structures under consideration of export control. We provide advice with respect to the consequences of anti-dumping regulations and represent our clients in disputes with customs authorities.

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