Passion and commitment, competence and experience, creativity and good ideas – these are our defining features, which will lead to your success. With more than 100 advisors, we think beyond fixed boundaries and geographic borders. We have expertise in all areas of corporate and commercial law, and believe in the merits of a transparent and reasonable cost vs. performance ratio. This is equally appreciated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and large international corporations.

We advise our clients in relation to their businesses on a worldwide basis. In order to be able to provide comprehensive legal advice around the globe, we co-operate with and maintain an extensive international network of reputable legal advisors, with whom we have long-term relationships and whom we trust and rely on.

What distinguishes us from other commercial law firms is the fact that we are more than just good lawyers. Legal expertise is only one side of the coin. Being able to provide entrepreneurial advice is the other. You should be able to expect both from your law firm. Excellent lawyers are not only convincing on account of their legal expertise, but also due to their entrepreneurial and human qualities. Their advice is responsible, pragmatic, and brave, if need be.  They tell you honestly what is worthwhile and achievable, and what is not. They are flexible, efficient and ensure that the relation between costs and benefit remains reasonable at all times. Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner offer you all of these qualities. We are lawyers with (an entrepreneurial) heart and mind.

1:1. This is how we work together. You decide upon a competent partner; he/she will then remain your point of contact. > more