A number of years Manager Magazine led with the headline "Tougher laws, aggressive shareholders and ambitious public prosecutors - never before has the risk that managers be asked to pay for a business being out-of-kilter been so great".

We have made the liability of directors and officers, D&O, one of our firm's main areas of focus since the mid 1990s. And now the partners working in this field are amongst the leading lawyers in Germany. We advise on all circumstances or scenarios that may involve liability, conduct litigation on behalf of managing directors, executive board members and supervisory board members in order to avert any claims, advise and assist insurance companies and, in complex claims, perform the "monitoring" on their behalf. The complicated structures of D&O insurance demand a detailed knowledge, trust and extreme diligence on the part of the lawyer. That is what we stand for. That is why clients instruct us. More and more.

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