Merchandise imports and exports are regulated by European customs law. We advise and represent clients in all aspects of customs law before the national customs officials and the European Commission as well as before the German and European courts. Our close working relationship with specialized law firms in other EU member states and third countries ensures that we can provide expert assistance there as well. In China, this is handled largely by our office in Shanghai.

Our main areas of activity in this field are:
• Customs authorizations and simplification, e.g., in applications for AEO status (- > AEO Check [bitte Link zur pdf-Broschüre]), the status of an uthorized recipient,  the authorization of a customs warehouse or inward/outward processing arrangements;
• Legal support in challenges against subsequent customs charges (third-country customs duties, antidumping duties, additional customs duties);
• Customs classification of merchandise and determination of the correct customs value;
• Determination of the origins of goods and use of tariff preferences;
• Proceedings relating to waivers and reimbursements of import duties;
• Customs compliance (Customs Compliance Program, Compliance Report);
• Legal advice in tax audits and - possibly criminal - investigations being conducted by the national customs officials and the European Anti-Fraud Office ("OLAF");
• Enforcement of damage and official liability claims under civil law;
• Cases of confiscation at the border

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