Reliability, efficiency and speed - qualities, which are perhaps even more important in the field of antitrust than elsewhere. And that is precisely what we stand for. We advise German and international businesses from all sectors and of all sizes on German and European antitrust and competition law.

Our aim when advising on antitrust and competition issues is to recognize and avoid antitrust pitfalls, find lawful solutions and structures, avoid risks and make the most of opportunities. Our services range from checking distribution agreements and systems through to merger control, from assessing the competitive behavior of companies with a strong or dominant market position through to proceedings before courts, the Bundeskartellamt [Federal Cartel Office] and the European competition authorities. We help you to comply with competition rules and regulations by training your employees either in all-embracing compliance programs or very specifically in antitrust and competition law. And if, despite this, it comes to the worst, we defend our clients in national and European proceedings for the imposition of fines before cartel authorities and courts. Our experiences from numerous large cases help with the making of decisions that need to be made in good time at every stage in order to achieve an optimal result whenever possible.

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