Being reliable, quick and "close to the action". We are a point of contact for banks and companies for any and all questions in the financial sector, whether regional, national or international.
We advise and represent banks and savings banks from all institutional groups and do so efficiently and, above all, in a manner that is solution-oriented. We also support businesses, investors and private individuals in the financial field. In capital markets law, we particularly advise banks and companies on the issue of securities, the drafting of prospectuses and coordinating them with the German Federal Office for the Supervision of Financial Services (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht - "BaFin"), compliance with regulatory requirements and on public (takeover) offers.

Being a reliable partner - no matter whether we are advising a client or representing a client before a court - we have many years of experience in legal matters that are specific to banking and capital markets as well as experience in litigation cases. In so doing we never lose sight of your individual situation. We therefore provide you with what you demand from your lawyer: A practice-oriented, individual solution - quickly and, moreover, efficiently. Expensive? No; we are "worth the price"!

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