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In each issue of our newsletter, people from our firm introduce themselves personally. This time it is the turn of our insurance lawyer Vanessa Bertram.

When I say that I grew up in a small village that belongs to the town of Hamelin, people can always make an association with my hometown, as almost everyone has heard of the Pied Piper. People outside of Germany and even Europe are also familiar with this legend, so when I travel I am always amazed at how well known Hamelin is. I spent my whole childhood and youth there and loved the advantages of country life, but also always felt a longing for city life with its great cultural and culinary offerings. Although I spent my whole childhood dreaming of opening a dental practice in the neighboring village with my best friend, after graduating from high school, I had to ask myself the crucial question in life: What do I actually want to do?

My first instinct was to go into law and so in 2012 I moved to the beautiful Westphalian student city of Münster, where I would spend the next six years. I quickly made friends for life, and from then on it was all about studying together, but also finding a balance with activities such as university sports, movie nights and shared dinners. Münster was the ideal student city for me, with a young, cosmopolitan population and a lot of opportunities to think outside the box right from the start and to get to know the diversity of law and perhaps also to learn early on which areas of law would certainly not be for me in the future. I then had my first contact with insurance law during my specialization studies and found myself in a lecture on insurance contract law. After passing my first state examination, I wanted to and was able to work in this field for the first time when I worked as a consultant for an insurance broker. A one-month internship turned into more than half a year until I left Münster after an eventful time.

Even during my studies, I realized that I found the profession of a lawyer varied and interesting. This opinion was reinforced during my legal clerkship, which I then spent in the equally beautiful imperial city of Aachen, so that after completing my second state examination it was clear to me that I wanted to work as an attorney. And so it was that I ended up in Cologne and at FGvW, where I have been working at the Cologne office since January 2022, experiencing every day how diverse and varied the work is and how it constantly challenges me.

Outside of work, I seek balance in yoga, reading or evenings out with friends and/or my husband. I love playing board games and am always happy to discover new ones, as well as trying out new restaurants. I also love to travel and ever since I saw a documentary about Bora Bora when I was six years old, I've always wanted to go on a long-distance trip to the South Pacific one day. But until then, I'll be exploring and enjoying other destinations with great anticipation. One of the things I do when I go on holiday is to pre-select books to read.

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