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In every issue of our newsletter we introduce people from our firm personally. This time it is the turn of Jonas Laudahn from our Freiburg office.

Since January 2018, Jonas Laudahn, born in 1990, has been part of the Freiburg commercial and corporate law team, working in particular with Gerhard Manz and Hendrik Thies.

Having grown up in southern Lower Saxony (and thus for some Southern Germans a real northern light), Jonas Laudahn moved to Freiburg to study law. His career dream of becoming a lawyer was already clear to him during his school years, as was his desire to live in the beautiful and sunny Breisgau. As the youngest of five children with four older sisters, it was surely also an advantage for Jonas Laudahn's later professional career that he was virtually born with the assertiveness often required as a lawyer.

The fact that Jonas Laudahn did not return to the north after his studies and legal clerkship in the south was due not only to private reasons but also to professional ones. During his legal clerkship - which Jonas Laudahn partially completed at FGvW - it was already clear to Jonas Laudahn that working as an entrepreneurial, legal consultant, especially for Mittelstand companies, embodied exactly the kind of legal work with which he could identify with. So it came as no surprise that only one employer was considered for a career start.

In his spare time Jonas Laudahn enjoys travelling and recently returned from a trip to the Western Cape in South Africa, where he enjoyed the unique combination of mountains, sea, sandy beach, sun and - last but not least - excellent wine. His love for South Africa in general and Cape Town in particular arose in 2017 when Jonas Laudahn spent part of his legal clerkship in the "mother city" at the Cape of Good Hope. In addition, Jonas Laudahn spends time on the tennis court whenever possible in order to get closer to his first career wish from elementary school days (tennis professional). As this still does not seem to have any prospect of success, Jonas Laudahn is happy to have already found the perfect job for him.

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