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Welcome to FGvW!

Last year, we welcomed two new partners, one Of Counsel and twelve associates to our firm. In 2023, we continue to grow: Already at the beginning of the year, we warmly welcome seven more lawyers to FGvW: Elsa Katharina Rein, Anna Emunds, Moritz Rothe, Dominique Geschke, Viktoria Beate Neubert, Jonas Doser and Nicola Marcel Reitze!

We are also particularly pleased to welcome our new Head of Marketing & Media, Stephan Wilczek, as well as a number of other new employees in the areas of assistance and central services.

However, we have not only grown "from the outside": On New Year's Day, we welcomed Raphael Klesen into the partnership with an overwhelming majority and congratulate our new partner most sincerely. We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Körner, Jerome Nimmesgern and Justus Kraner as local partners of our firm.

We wish all of the above a lot of joy and success in their new roles!

Sabine Schröter

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