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"Germany's Best Lawyers 2024" - FGvW recommended by "Best Lawyers"

Once a year, the US publisher "Best Lawyers" asks business lawyers for their recommendations from other law firms. We are pleased with the results again this year: 31 lawyers from our firm are among the "Best Lawyers" in Germany.

The recommendations are distributed among these practice areas: Advertising Law, Arbitration and Mediation, Competition/Antitrust Law, Construction Law, Corporate Governance and Compliance Practice, Corporate Law, Environmental Law, Food and Beverage Practice, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT Law, Labor and Employment Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Product Liability Litigation, Public Law, Real Estate Law, Regulatory Practice, Restructuring and Insolvency Law.

The following lawyers from our firm are among the Best Lawyers 2024 in their areas of expertise: 

Werner Bachmann (IT Law)
Dr. Markus Beaumart (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Annette Bödeker (Corporate Governance and Compliance Practice, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Christoph Börskens (Corporate Law)
Dr. Frank Büchler (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
Dr. Stephan Dittl (Competition/Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Morton Douglas (Competition/Antitrust Law)
Dr. Tom Erdt (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Christoph Fingerle (Labor and Employment Law)
Arnt Göppert (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Dr. Alexander Hartmann (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Norbert Hebeis (Advertising Law, Intellectual Property Law)
Dr. Andreas Imping (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Frank Jungfleisch (IT Law)
Dr. David Kipping (Intellectual Property Law)
Sven Köhnen (Competition/Antitrust Law)
Dr. Olaf Konzak (Environmental Law, Public Law, Regulatory Practice)
Gregor Lamla (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Stefan Lammel (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Carsten Laschet (Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Product Liability Litigation)
Prof. Dr. Tobias Lenz (Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Product Liability Litigation)
Dr. Jan Henning Martens (Corporate Law)
Dr. Wolfgang Schmid (Intellectual Property Law)
Hildegard Schöllmann (Food and Beverage Practice)
Dr. Sabine Schröter (Labor and Employment Law)
Dr. Ingeborg Schwarz (Intellectual Property Law)
Jörg Michael Siecke (Real Estate Law)
Dr. Uwe Steingröver (Construction Law, Real Estate Law)
Dr. Hendrik Thies (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
Mike Weitzel (Insurance Law)
Dr. Jörn Zons (Arbitration and Mediation, Construction Law) 

This recognition is significant: Best Lawyers is one of the leading international recommendation portals for lawyers in business law. Only lawyers who have been recommended by other already listed professional colleagues in an elaborate procedure are included in the rankings. This ensures a high degree of reliability of the recommendation lists. In Germany, the rankings have been published exclusively by business publication Handelsblatt (German only) for many years.

We are very happy about this success for FGvW and would like to thank everyone who contributed to it!


Carsten Laschet
Sabine Schröter
Stefan Lammel


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