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iurratio employer ranking REF50: FGvW among the TOP 10 employers for legal clerkships

We are very pleased with the preliminary result of the current iurratio employer ranking: FGvW is among the top 10 employers for legal clerkships in the southern region in 2023. At the same time, the firm is nominated in the same category as a possible winner of the best employer awards.

The selection of nominees is based on an extensive survey of junior lawyers about preferences and desires for legal employers and a survey of legal employers about opportunities for legal clerkships. Well over 1,000 junior lawyers were surveyed in our major talent survey on legal clerkships. Through their votes, the junior lawyers once again had a significant influence on the weighting of the criteria within the respective areas and the relationship between them. In this year's employer survey, more than 700 law firms from all over Germany were again invited to bring transparency to the offers and conditions of the legal clerkship.

The "iurratio awards 2023" will be presented on November 24, 2022.

Sabine Schröter


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