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FGvW elects new management

Our partners' meeting today elected a new management board. In the future, our firm will be led by Carsten Laschet (49) as spokesman of the management, Sabine Schröter (42) and Stefan Lammel (46). The management has been elected until December 31, 2024.

"Continuous growth and increasing requirements make it necessary to change the structure of the management," Carsten Laschet explains the expansion from two to three managing partners. This also integrates different competencies.

Carsten Laschet, who has been managing partner at FGvW since 2010, will in future, as spokesman for the management board, also be responsible for representing the firm externally, strategic development, international affairs and finance and controlling.

Sabine Schröter, who specializes in labor law, will take over the areas of human resources and marketing. "For FGvW, it remains important not only to talk about the compatibility of family and career, but also to live this right up to the management level," Laschet is pleased with Schröter's election. FGvW thus remains one of the few business law firms in Germany in which a woman holds the position of Managing Partner.

Freiburg-based Partner Stefan Lammel will in future be responsible for IT/Digitalization and Organization & Compliance. "IT security as well as numerous other legal requirements for law firms such as money laundering, data protection, etc. will continue to represent a special and intensive challenge in the coming years," says Laschet, explaining the creation of a separate department and the appointment of a partner with experience in this area.

This also means that there will be an entire generation change within the management team. "Overall, we have to strike a balance between the successful, seasoned partners and the development of a structure as an attractive employer and career center right into the partnership for junior staff," the new managing directors explain together. "FGvW, with its organized diversity, is an ideal place for this."


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