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In each issue of our newsletter, we introduce people from our firm personally. This time it is the turn of labor lawyer Volker Marquart from our Frankfurt office.

Volker Marquart joined the labor and employment law team in the Frankfurt office of Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner in 2020.

Volker Marquart was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main and spent his entire professional career in the Rhine-Main region. Even as a schoolboy, Volker Marquart was interested in law; before that, he took a detour in the form of commercial training, which today benefits him in advising companies and explains his pragmatic approach to finding solutions.

Volker Marquart originally aspired to a career in the judiciary. Although he was passionate about working for the public prosecutor's office with a focus on organized crime, Heraeus lured him into human resources management. Via Bosch and Daimler, he eventually joined a large auditing firm. Volker Marquart has been working as a lawyer since 2000 and has never regretted the step into self-employment - on the contrary: for him, this is the most beautiful profession he can imagine. His main focus is project-based consulting for companies in situations of change.

Volker Marquart`s scarce free time belongs to his family, sports and cultivating deep friendships. What is left then goes into the voluntary support of the Frankfurt Rhine/Main Business Initiative with a focus on ASEAN countries. Volker Marquart is also co-founder of a small Benelux-German consulting company that develops and sells digital platforms. In addition, he is an avid reader: the spectrum ranges from the English historian Ian Kershaw and the young German military historian Sören Neitzel to Ernst Jünger, Albert Camus and Erik Fosnes Hansen ("Tales of Protection": a moving masterpiece!).

If there is a magical place for Volker Marquart, it must be somewhere in North Carolina; he is still searching. Volker Marquart also likes to be in London, where he met his wife, and of course in Asia, not least because of its cuisine.

Volker Marquart does not have a role model to emulate. However, he has always been deeply touched by the clarity, consistency and uprightness of people. According to the motto: Do right and spare no one.

Besides, Volker Marquart feels very much at home with the "Counts" at FGvW and is particularly looking forward to many more joint projects with his colleagues, who have given him a great reception.


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