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In each issue of our newsletter, we introduce people from our firm personally. This time it is the turn of Christian Koehler from our Berlin office.

Christian Koehler LL.M. is a senior associate in the areas of corporate law / M&A and venture capital. He is part of the team led by Alexander Hartmann and Oliver C. Ehrmann, who founded the Berlin office of Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner in May 2020.

Born and raised in Berlin, Christian Koehler became enthusiastic about music at an early age, especially about electric guitars. After graduating from high school, he initially wanted to study music in the tranquil city of Potsdam. However, since this course of study also included classical music, he changed direction and decided to study law. In addition to music, Christian Koehler became interested in social contexts, the relationship between laws, ethics and culture at an early age. He remained faithful to music: during his studies he earned his money as a guitar teacher and freelance musician.

Already during his main studies, Christian Koehler focused on private business law, especially labor and corporate law. Here it became evident to him that the area of conflict between freedom of contract, legal requirements and business practice offered an interesting field of activity. After his first state examination, Christian Koehler gained his first practical experience in labor law, but soon switched to corporate law.

Since 2011, Christian Koehler has been working as a business lawyer with a focus on medium-sized companies. In addition, he completed a master's degree (LL.M.) in German and international tax law in 2014. In 2016, Christian Koehler completed his doctorate at the University of Potsdam under Professor Tilman Bezzenberger with a thesis on group contracts. Immediately thereafter, Christian Koehler changed law firms and met Alexander Hartmann, who also sparked his interest in venture capital.

In his work as a lawyer, Christian Koehler appreciates the combination of economic connections and legal protection. When drafting contracts, he appreciates the possibility of using linguistic subtleties and logical links to create a legal basis that offers clients legal security even in unforeseeable situations. This applies not only to the area of corporate acquisitions, but also to advising startups and investors.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Christian Koehler practices martial arts, continues to be a musician and has a passion for historical electric guitars and amplifiers.


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