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In each issue of our newsletter we personally introduce people from our firm. This time it is the turn of Christoph Börskens from our Frankfurt office.

Christoph Börskens is a lawyer and civil law notary in Frankfurt am Main. He focusses on his notarial work there and is the contact person for our clients from Germany and abroad in notarial matters.

Already quite early during his school days Christoph Börskens was interested in legal and economic facts and issues. A legal or business study was therefore a logical step. After graduating from high school, he first decided to study law in Münster. In order to meet his continuing interest in economics, he also took up business studies at the beginning of the fifth semester of law. After the first state examination in law, he had to decide whether he should also complete his studies in business administration or rather do a doctorate in law. He decided in favor of a doctorate and initially left the completion of business studies open.

After completing his dissertation and before beginning his legal traineeship, Christoph Börskens had planned to do an internship of several months at a US-American investment bank in Frankfurt am Main, before he wanted to start his legal traineeship in Hamburg afterwards. He completed the internship on schedule; however, the few months he had planned to spend in Frankfurt am Main have now become more than 15 years, as he decided to do his legal clerkship in Frankfurt am Main at short notice.

After his second state examination in law, Christoph Börskens began his professional career there in 2008 in a major British-German law firm, where he had already completed one year of his legal clerkship. In 2011, he moved to a major US law firm in Frankfurt am Main. There he first came into contact with notarial work in 2012 when he was officially appointed as notary representative for his then lead partner. In 2013, he joined a major British law firm and continued to pursue his goal of being appointed as a notary himself. After passing the notary's examination, his appointment as a notary actually took place in 2018. From his appointment until he became a partner at Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner on 1 April 2020, Christoph Börskens worked in one of the largest notaries' offices in Frankfurt am Main.

Outside the firm, Christoph Börskens' life is largely framed by his family, with whom he spends a lot of time.

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