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On January 1, 2021, the UK's exit from the EU has now become reality. After years of negotiations, of back and forth, after several extended transition phases in which the UK was not really in, but not really out either, the UK is now a genuine third country. But at least it is one with which the EU concluded a fairly comprehensive free trade agreement right at the start. But even if the last minute negotiations mean that at least customs duties can now be avoided: There will be some changes in the future. For although the free trade agreement contains many facilitations for cross-border trade: EU membership cannot replace even the most ambitious agreement.

We will be happy to support you in all questions that will arise in the coming weeks, months and years: In drafting contracts, in protecting your trademarks and patents on the island, in corporate transactions with a UK connection, in insurance and banking law, in labor, distribution, antitrust and public procurement law, or in questions of product liability. In particular, you should be prepared for further changes in the coming years with regard to the legal framework applicable to the UK (and take this into account accordingly in your contracts): after all, both sides have already emphasized that the agreement now concluded is only the beginning. We will keep our finger on the pulse for you - and of course provide you with the latest information here.

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